Ping An Rewards Card

Customers can choose to make use of a Ping An Rewards card which provides the following benefits.

Every time you spend £2.50 or more an element on your card will be marked. Once all 10 elements on your card have been marked off you will be eligible for a free steamed bun, noodle soup or bubble tea.

Customers who have a Rewards Card are also eligible for entry into our Fun Rewards Scheme.

Ping An Rewards Card

Fun Rewards

Every two weeks one lucky Rewards Card holder will receive a fun reward as a ‘thank you’ in addition to the free item every one receives when you fill up your rewards card.

These fun rewards will be allocated on a random basis and all you need to do is get your rewards card signed at least once during each two week period.

So sign up today in the shop with your email address.

Current Fun reward is a bluetooth headset